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Gerald Vanenburg


Gerald Mervin Vanenburg serves as the Ambassador of Inter San Diego. Gerald Vanenburg is a former Dutch professional footballer And Current Trainer At Ajax. To this day he played 372 matches all over the Eredivisie as well as scoring 112 times for Ajax and PSV cumulatively. Operating between the two clubs, his career saw him win 15 major world titles, one of which was the 1988 European Cup with PSV.  Gerald Vanenburg at one time worked in the youth academy of PSV and then was head coach at Helmond Sport and FC Eindhoven. Especially since his retirement as Assistant Coach at Willem II in 2009. Gerald Vanenburg’s followers liked to call him ‘Vaantje’ or even ‘Geraldinho’. Never the less, both nicknames suited him perfectly during his 20-year career. This midfielder and winger demonstrated himself to be one of the more sophisticated players of Dutch soil. Some specialists even said that the Dutchman was blessed with a more sublime technique than Johan Cruijf

about us

Inter San Diego’s primary aim is to mold young players into top-tier soccer athletes. This journey is not for the faint of heart, as only those who exhibit unwavering commitment and relentless hard work will ascend to the pinnacle of success. Our program boasts a rich legacy of international stars who form the backbone of our training development initiative, including renowned figures like Gerald Vanenburg, Sonny Silooy, Chedric Seedorf, Orson Naarendorp, and Dwight Blackson.

At Inter San Diego, the training of future soccer stars takes center stage, earning our youth academy the reputation of being a fertile breeding ground for emerging talent. As players progress, they encounter increasingly challenging hurdles on their path, ultimately aspiring to achieve the ultimate objective: to compete and excel in the highly competitive Amsterdam, where we measure their skills against Dutch youth players.

Our youth teams undergo training that mirrors the Dutch players’ regimen, thereby instilling in them the Dutch style of play.

At the heart of our club lies a distinct philosophy encompassing style of play (4-3-3), training methods, behavioral expectations, and established house rules. Inter San Diego remains committed to upholding a recognizable approach to football, characterized by its attractiveness, offensive mindset, creativity, speed, sportsmanship, and a preference for launching offensive actions far from our own goal, deep into the opponent’s territory.